Top 15 Smart phone benefits

Top 15 Smart phone benefits:

Smartphones are often misused and people are unaware of various benefits it has got to offer Mankind.

Smartphones are your true defenders and your white blood corpuscle and your nutrition for growth and development

Your Smartphones are the main tool to progress and the main weapon to fight against evil.

But before telling about the advantages of smartphones let me caution you about the negative effects of Smartphones if it is misused.

We find so much pornography on the internet and social media and so much of cyber crime because of chatting and trusting strangers keep yourself away from pornography and strangers then you can enjoy the benefits of a mobile phone truly and totally in your life.And too much is too bad so always use smartphones properly do not stick to it like as this smart phones obsession are causing many health problems and also weakening bone-marrow of kids.

If the Smart phones are used properly in a correct way it can become your priceless gem and it can also help you to provide correct and true evidences when people blame you and judge you wrongly when you are innocent and not guilty.

The list of Top 15 Smart phone benefits.

  • 1- Smart phones removes communication blockage and help in flowing communication this can help to maintain a healthy relationship a good positive and inspiring text or message to loved one has the power to heal hurts and removes loneliness.

A single line on whats app to your parent’s siblings or friends like how are you? Happy birthday can vibrate an energy of togetherness and built a successful contact.


    • 2- Smart phones can also make you closer to Allah. Example download a Quraan App with English translation in this way you can listen Quraan in your free time and will also be able to understand the verses and follow it in your life.It is beautiful instead of wasting time in back biting making fun of others let`s listen and learn Quraan. An alarm fixed in your Smart phones to listen Azaan call for prayers or to wake you up at fajar prayer time or before dawn in Ramadan can do best for us and help us in offering prayer to Allah on time.You can keep caller tune or ringtone of beautiful hamd and Naat of Prophet Mohammed(saw) to remind us that Allah is there with us so do not fear have faith in Allah`s power.If you belong to other religion you can download Geeta or Bible apps and listen to various religious sermons daily.
    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 3-Smart phones can also make you fit athletic and healthy :

    • just save Yoga and Aerobics You-tube videos and put it on every morning while exercising this is the great way to get into the world of fitness.Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 4-Smart phones can also make you First-Aid doctor:

    • just collect information about basic first-aid do some research on first-aid basic medicines and make a valuable first-aid bag at home according to the needs of your family.And learn how to do cpr and save a life at emergency times. This is not enough if you get doubt on the medication medical advise or treatment of any doctor you can research and collect proper and correct information about his treatment and medication using internet facility on your Smart phones as there exists some fraud doctors who writes expensive medical tests and medications and scare the patients just for money.

learn Smart phone photography here!

    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 5- Smart phones can make you a great cook. Just download App of your favorite chef watch and learn one recipe daily If you practice daily then one day surely you can become a great cook.
    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
      Home mommy chef
    • 6-Smart phones can solve your problems, answer all your queries and teach you new and useful things like interior decoration sewing stitching embroidery etc just go to and watch whatever you want to learn from life.

Learn interior decoration

  • 7-Smart phone can save your time you spend on shopping just go to snap-deal or download online shopping apps like amazon and make payments through your card or choose cash on door delivery options.
  • 8-Smart phones can make you great planner and also great writer. Write daily things to do list poem, indicatively on memo or word-pad and save it in your mailbox. Just imagine you are not having a pen and paper and someone tries to give you his contact on the spot then that time open your Smart phone and note down in your memo or save his number. And one more benefit just imagine you have got a doctor`s appointment and you are waiting outside for one hour just take candy crush play a game or take out memo or write down your favorite poetry or your heartfelt words in it and save it.
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
  • 9-Your Smart phone can also be your calculator and GPS go anywhere without any need to ask any one routes or even book a cab for yourself.
  • 10- Smart phone can increase your knowledge go to play books and read sample books for free.
  • 11-Smart phone can also help you to learn a new skill and even acquire online certification for it this can really give a boost to your career from home just go to udemy or Alison they are offering number of courses for free.
  • 12-Smart phone makes you even more smarter in managing finances and having a track record of your bank account
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
  • 13-Smart phone helps in catching fond memories and events of your life.
  • 14-Smart phone can also make you manage your finances and bill properly, through net banking you could know about your bank account and can even make easy transactions to add more spice you can even recharge your smart phone sitting at home with the help of your bank.
  • 15-Smart phone can make you Domestic CID just connect your CCTV Camera to your Smart phone. It can also save you from evil people and also act as a weapon and spy to catch right evidences which could give you justice when you are not on your fault.
  • Example Automatic call recorder will record all the calls and you can save it in your mail or send on whats-app.
  • Voice recorder will record conversations this recorder will record if someone is screaming shouting and blaming you or teasing you.
  • Spy camera a spy camera will record videos with voice without letting any one know about it.
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    Home CID

Imagine someone

stealing or misbehaving or any evidence or it can even be a record that you have made a payment on time which could help you in times of problem.Thus in this way we could conclude these were the Top 15 Smart phone benefits and smart phones are really our true defenders and it has an ability to make us an All Rounder.


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