Third world wonder ll No home for woman

Third world wonder ll no home woman!

Third world wonder ll:

This story Third world wonder ll is about woman who has been forcibly given triple talaakh her true love for her kids which has the power to shake mountains

and make impossible into possible in the end after struggling so much the protagonist wins the custody of her children and become a famous and great woman.

Third world wonder ll

This is a real life story of a woman who has gone through much domestic violence, harassment and torture in her in-laws home and finally came up from all those circumstances and became a great woman.

This Book is a story of a woman who has been a a normal common girl:

Now when she enters her husband`s home she has to face many difficulties and humiliations intense pain and suffering caused by husband and her mother-in-law.

woman suffer because there are no alpha males

 Third world wonder ll

And her children has been snatched away by her husband:

This is a very unusual story of a young woman who goes through much torment and harassment in her in-laws home.This is a reality based story of a young woman and the incidences which are described in the story are very unusual and mischievous happenings which takes place in her life.

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 Third world wonder ll

This story Third world wonder ll is a great learning for all the young unmarried girls :

who are going to get married soon.I hope this book would be appreciated and come in great use for everyone. Young woman suffers a lot and in the end struggle hard to achieve success in life. Third world wonder ll is a struggle of a woman to show to this world that she is not worthless and mental as her in-laws tried best to make her retarded and show to this world just because they do not like her they want to make her retardation a strong reason in front of people. And she Proves in the end that she can also become someone very great.

 Third world wonder ll

The Protagonist book got published from Author-new publishing Enterprises

The book got so popular and famous.

It got press releases, articles were released in newspapers and magazines.

And one day her name was announced for Best Booker prize of the year

She while taking the award

Tells to everyone

I thank Allah and my parents for this award:

And my brother who has supported financially to publish my book

And I also thank the authorities who has nominated me and given me this award.

Third world wonder ll

Third world wonder ll !

is dedicated to all the woman of this world! It is about a woman who has been forcibly dragged to India. she has been turned out from her husband`s home after coming back to India and forcibly children are taken from her and forcibly given triple talaakh without even her knowledge. The only reason for divorce is husband do not like her and accept her.

It is a lesson to all the woman

My question to all the woman is

When a woman stays in her parent`s home

It`s her parents home

When a woman gets married and stays in her husband`s home

It`s her husband`s home

And when a woman in her old age lives in her son`s home

It`s her son’s home

Other- wise she is allowed to stay in some old age home?

My question is

Where is the woman`s home?

 Third world wonder ll


The home which is owned by her!

If the protagonist of my story would have a home of her own

Then nobody would have dared to neck her out of her own home!

This story is a wake-up call for all the woman

Please wake up stand up on your own feet and do not make one more Story of Third world wonder ll;


Make your own career and make your own home

So that a woman never depends on any man for her survival!

One who is rejected by all

Is always accepted by god

Thank-you so much for this great award I dedicate this sincerely to all the woman of this world!

So this was the last part of the novel Story Third world wonder ll.

to know how she suffers and struggles in her life and how she becomes the great famous writer please read my book and it is available online.Please go to this link to purchase it right now.


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