Success relationship life force energy

Hey, guys welcome to get shocked and amazed because I am going to write about Success relationship life force energy which could create a wonder and miracle in your life soon.

Success relationship life force energy:

What is life force Energy?

Success relationship life force energy

law of attraction is kind of life force

Life force energy is the energy in a human being to live life with burning passion.
This energy is a divine energy which is gifted by god. Life force energy mainly comes from Allah.

How life force energy comes and created?

Life force energy comes and created from these things.

1; Prayers As mainly life force energy comes from Allah:

when a person offers pure sincere prayer to Allah. Life force energy is gifted from god to that person. And this is the main source of creating life force energy within us.

2: Exercise:

When any human being busy himself in good amount of exercises his body becomes fit and healthy
And immune system develops and also his life force energy increases.
He remains away from falling sick and he remains young always.

Success relationship life force energy
relationship and life force

3; Good Sleep: A good night`s sleep is also essential for creating life force energy

As a tired body and tired muscles cannot do anything with heart and passion. A body needs rest, and it is very important to be calm and peaceful to generate life force energy within ourselves. Life force generates from complete silence.


4; Right Diet: We are what we eat!

This is really the truth. Life force energy is created in our body when we eat right kind of food.
Life force energy is found more in juicy fruits and vegetables mostly in organic nature foods like dry fruits, dates, cashews, pomegranate, grapes, avocado, kiwi, pears, honeydew, watermelon,Oranges, Guava, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, Brown bread, cereals, pulses, wheat, brown rice,and Pumpkin etc.

There is less of life force energy in Non Vegetarian food:

Mutton, Chicken, boiled eggs, does have energy but that energy is not connected to god.

Success relationship life force energy

5; Water: Water has much life force energy;

Always drink more water, bathe daily and stay connected to water as it increases our life force energy. 70% of the body consists of water and to take note this world consists of 70% water and only 30% of land. Water is essential to cultivate life force energy.

6; Good- Deeds: Doing good to others:

giving others joy create endless life force energy and it is one of the main sources of creating life force energy.

Give this world the best you have and better than the best will come back to you:

Enjoy the joy of giving and your good deeds will create your good karma, it will get amplified and comes back to you surely one day.

7- Compassion and following the philosophy of Oneness:

God always show us in this world by the lessons which we learn here that we all are one
We came alone, we go alone from this world, we suffer alone
Every human being are equal,
There`s no rich no poor, no big no small all are equal in the eyes of god.
How we behave when others are in problem
The same behavior we get when we are in problem.

What goes around definitely comes around?

Because we all are one
Universal energies!
Just simply if we all could understand this thing we never misbehave with others or mistreat others
Because we do not like others to mistreat us.
Our vibes attract our tribe.
What energy we vibrate towards others, the same energy we would get back from them.
Because we all are one.
We all are equal.
We all are same.

Compassion is the greatest thing which we could give it to others:

It is the emotion which we have for our little ones
For our kids
How about feeling the same love for all fellow beings
Look at others with compassion, smile at them with compassion.
That`s all we need to learn in this world.
Because compassion creates only one thing that is greatness.
It does Miracles and Wonders.
And this compassion creates astounding and endless Life force energy inside you.

Great scientists, and all great Men who created and invented great things in this world:

has one thing in their heart that is Compassion for others which led them to create great things and better things to solve our problems.

8; Following heart and true purpose of life:

Just imagine stuck in doing something which you do not like?
How will be your performance?
Will you be able to give your heart your 100% to this job?
The answer is NO.
Just plain No.
But when you follow your heart you will realize the true purpose of life and the joy which you experience in doing the job which you love would be immense and the results would be great.
So never force yourself in doing something which you do not love and do something which you love.

Develop your career in that field you love than see the results;

and I guarantee you the results would be miraculous because you are doing something in which you have that ever lighting, burning desire.
That would be your true purpose of life and it will surely create life force energy which comes in the form of money and yes I must say money is a kind of life force energy which is created when a person gives the heart to some divine work which does well for all.

Developing positive emotions like smiling being cheerful always creates more life force energy:

and it makes your face looks beautiful and your body healthy.

9- Unity is a strength:

If we believe that what we do to others is, in fact, we are doing to ourselves then we never ignore and be indifferent to others sufferings and pains.
If all gets united and fight against evil then one day there would be no evil and crime in this world.
Because we all are one and united we can and we will make a difference.
Unity is a great strength as it creates life force energy from the strong purpose and desire to end the evil by fighting united.

Now you must be thinking this is all about I have got to say about Success relationship and life force energy:

No, you are wrong dear
let’s talk about Success and relationship now.

Sin is always selfish and it is sin which stops the formation of that creative life energy to form inside of us.
The one quote which changes my life and transforms me is
The minute we are selfish we are failure
The minute we are giving we are a success.

a)The root cause of all crime is selfishness and indifference to others sufferings:


6- Oneness to win:

The mind is capable of holding only one thought at a time. Distractions and diversions do help in relieving stress.

All human beings create just waste when we become selfish and indifferent towards others pain.

The most striking and stunning fact about Zakaath in Islam is:

If every Muslim takes out the proper proportion of zakaath and give it to poor then no Muslim would be poor in this world.
The extra money which we get is the right of the poor and Allah has granted us the authority to give that money to poor. And rich people instead of giving money to poor waste that money on parties, night outs, drinking, gambling, fun and such wastages.

The money which we do not give it to poor becomes waste:

in the form of spoilt food which goes in the garbage, and money spent to pay hospital bills or sometimes wastes come in the form of feuds disputes, quarrels, stress deaths police lawyers, defame shame or just parties nonsense fun and nothing else.

Selfishness only creates waste and crime and waste is sin;

The minute we are selfish it means we are wasting our precious time.
Just observe the minute you think about yourself you get depressed, oh this guy not paying attention to me, oh this junior has achieved so much before me. Oh, no one loves me, oh no one cares about me!
Oh, I have done so much for others but no one wants to help me when I need them.
All these thoughts are just about yourself. You are depressed you are sad you are stressed just because you are thinking of yourself;

You are being selfish and complaining:

Even when we are speaking to others when we speak only about ourselves to them one or two times others tolerate but afterwards it becomes excruciatingly annoying and boring because they could not get any benefit from listening to what you do? What you face? What problems do you suffer?
When we smile, when we ask about others, when we speak something which could benefit others and solve others problems then definitely we can win their heart.

The talk which is self-centered creates waste of time:

but the talk which is full of wisdom which is good for yourself and good for others and which is about Allah then surely it creates utilitarian time and it benefits everyone including you.

And guys yet I am not done with me speaking about Success relationship life force energy I have got to say more about it.
It`s relationship turn now.

Prophet Mohammed (Saw) great saying:

One day a disciple of prophet Mohammed(SAW) Comes to Prophet`s home and he asked him to question Oh my highness great Mohammed (saw) I want to know how can I become the most honorable and respected person of all.
Prophet Mohammed (saw) has replied Do not speak about your needs with others you will become the most respectful person in the world.

And just imagine and wonder whenever we ask someone’s help:

or whenever we tell them that we need money or this kind of favor what response we get we lose a bit of respect in front of that person, he or she deny helping to make excuses that they are busy and they do not have the money right now.

Relationships one Miraculous solution:

The same thing happens in relationship too when we show the person that we love them and we need them desperately what reaction we get the person runs away from us and lose respect for us, there remain no passion and mystery and the person can even use our needs to his advantage like threatening that if we do not do as he or she say he or she will not speak to you or break with you and sometimes if we do as they wish they would spend weekend with us or take us out for dinner.

This kind of bribing and threatening can happen only when we tell our partner that we need them

and they misuse our needs making it our biggest weakness.
If you want to be honored and respected then refrain from telling your personal matters to others and refrain from telling about what you need most in your life. Again it comes in being selfish when we are self-centered in our talk we talk about our needs and personal desires and problems if we ask about others and show care to them we are a success a winner.So these were my Miraculous and wondrous tips on Success relationship life force energy


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