Social phobia root cause best solution

Social phobia root cause best solutions

Social phobia root cause:

Today I want to speak on the subject of Social phobia and it`s root causes because some people suffer from this problem and the people who do not suffer from social anxiety does not know anything about its pain and the suffering and loss which it brings to some people.

Social phobia

The person suffering from social phobia has the following symptoms

  • Feeling cold and body becoming cold
  • Sweating and perspiration even in Air condition
  • Sweaty and cold hands and feet
  • Increased Heartbeats
  • Restlessness
  • Dry throat could not able to speak up in public
  • Shivering body
  • Quivering lips
  • Frequent Urination
  • Acidity and gas
Social phobia
Social phobia

So guys next time if you see someone suffering from Social Anxiety have some compassion and kindness for that person and do not reject the person who suffers from traumas invisible to human eyes because a social phobia is one of those traumas.

Now let`s take a deeper and closer look

Let`s look at the Social phobia root cause? And why it comes to some people and not to all the others.

Take a deep breathe friends because am going to reveal to you unknown and hidden secrets which are the cause of Social Anxiety.

Social phobia root cause is our own Past sins:

This is one of the hidden secrets of why some people suffer from Social Anxiety, it`s just because our soul tells us we are bad, we are not equal to others, we lost our innocence and we do not deserve to be happy like others especially happy like little children.

It happens especially when the sin is connected to adultery.And some people suffer from panic attack if they know from inside what they are doing is wrong, bad and sinful. They feel less confident and more afraid to move forward.


Sometimes even evil thoughts make us feel guilty sinful and not equal to other people who are happy and full of life. It`s just because we waste our Divine life force energy in wasteful thoughts and that life force energy can be better utilized by creating something which is good and beneficial for others.
Social phobia
Social phobia
We all have a life force energy and life purpose but unfortunately, many people do not know how to use it and which way to go and they are just stuck up in their busy lives or a job in which they have no passion.


Those sins can also be from your past lives and past bad karma which many believe it to be superstition and only a few of them believe in these things. The sins we do in our past lives gives us guilt as a bad gift in this life and so social anxiety automatically pops up even though our soul knows we have not done any major sin in this life.


Social Anxiety happens because we do not love ourselves:

Whenever you speak to a person who is suffering from depression or social Anxiety most of them say they could not love themselves and they could not forgive themselves even if the mistake or sin is trivial and small.

They are more pessimistic about themselves and their lives and suffer from Inferiority complex from inside. These kinds of people have a hard time to gel up with people and are called as introverts.

Some people do not understand the pain which they are going through because of social Anxiety and calls them with names like proud and arrogant.

This kind of people could not feel free of sins from inside and they punish their souls in the name of social Anxiety.

It can also happen because of no faith and belief in god: If we trust god and have a strong belief that he is the one who will protect you from all the negatives and bad of this universe then we do not grow pessimistic about life we will have good hope from god.


Social phobia happens because of being high spirited:

This is one of the rare cause of social anxiety some people are light givers, problem solvers and a magnificent person from inside who have so much of love to give to this world. They want to give an important and divine message to the people of this world and they want to make them understand a very important matter, but sometimes they themselves are not aware of their life purpose and what message or gifts they have to give it to others but this kind of people are very high spirited from inside and that spirit just blows up like cyclone especially before giving a stage performances or facing public.


So next time if you are having social anxiety before a stage performance then think it is a pure high voltage energy which is vibrating inside you and you are eager to present yourself in front of others and there, in turn, wants to benefit others from your side a great deal.

Social phobia root cause can also be evil eye and negative vibrations sent by others to you:

Some people are jealous of others success, they hate us from inside and have loads of anger on our good fortune. This kind of people pass discouragement, and loads of negative vibration to us which causes social Anxiety and discomfort inside our bodies sometimes it can also lead to sickness and diseases coming into our body.

Because Prophet Mohammed (saw) said looking at someone with compassion, kindness and mercy will remove all their pains suffering and diseases out from their bodies and souls

And looking at someone with hate, anger, jealousy will create roadblocks in his life and include pain suffering and diseases in his or her body.

That is the reason why god has said looking at your parents with love is like doing hajj daily in your life.

Just imagine by just looking at your parents with love and mercy god is rewarding you with the great reward of going on a long pilgrimage for god.

Social phobias are also caused by giving too much importance to people: You see you worked hard all day because guests are visiting your home, you put up glamorous make-up and lovely clothes just because guests coming in your home, you can do everything but giving too much importance to people develops social anxiety because you just want to be perfect and in becoming perfect you become so skeptical about your faults and start ignoring your good qualities, you even start pointing at your loved one`s mistakes just to make everything perfect for people aakhir prestige ka sawaal hain.

People do not come and visit you when you are on the thorns of your life or going through your hard times, people do not help you when you need their help and people do not understand you when you misunderstood, so why giving people importance instead give god importance then everything would change for the better.


Social phobia root cause is also caused by our own power of resistance: Fear is resistance and resistance are fear, someone has greatly said where there is love there is no fear and where there is fear there is no love. Ask yourself what you are resisting? and what you are afraid of?

When you resist, you hold things and does not allow anything to flow and move on in your life.

You yourself are blocking your life with your own resisting power.

What is there that you would not like to happen to you and so you are creating a resisting force against it. Remember love is allowing, accepting and just letting go. Accept the truth and reality and do not reject the truth anytime in your life.

Everything passes in this world

Time passes by, emotions pass by suffering pass by good times pass by and one you will also pass by and enters that eternal world the world where there is no mortality no pain no suffering no shame no guilt but just prayers but just love and pure flow of love.

Social Anxiety happens also because of the wrong diet: If you smoke intake tobacco and drink alcohol daily or if you

Drink those soft drinks and meat on daily basis. Then this can also be the cause of anxiety.

Anxiety comes more to those who eat the meat of other animals as this habit is unhealthy and also spoil our serenity from inside.

It is said by our Prophet Mohammed(saw) a person who eats meat daily till 40 days will have his heart become black which means a heart without any feelings and emotions like a dead man`s heart which has no love for anyone.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) rarely ate meat and he only took mutton or chicken very occasionally

He loved pumpkins, dates, milk and use to drink a lot of water and vegetables.

The best ways to overcome Social phobia:

Love yourself: Allow love to flow inside you and just accept everything and go with the flow of this life, just feel everything and let go.

To say ultimately love yourself completely.


Forgive yourself and others: This is the best way to get rid of anxiety and depression.

Forgive yourself and others who have caused you hurt than feel how light and serene you will feel from inside by just forgiving yourself and everyone around you.

Free yourself from sins: Stay away from sins.

Please Stop watching vulgar things on the internet and stop your evil dirty thoughts. Look at another woman how you look at your own little sister or mother with clean eyes.

Prayers and Meditation: It is said that god has made hearts but he has taken its peace with him.

So the best way to achieve heart`s piece is only by remembering god and praying.

It is a scientific proof that meditation and prayers give us good health and good sleep and it gives such intense satisfaction joy and peace to our hearts.

A Heart away from sins and in memory of Divine ends suffering and gives eternal peace.

Drink water and have vegetables to cure social Anxiety: Cultivate good habits, good hygiene, and discipline in your life, offer your regular prayers and eat vegetables, fruits and drink lot of water. And am sure this is a good way to cure you of Anxiety and social problems.

Have strong faith and belief in god: Allah will surely help you to get rid of your suffering and pain he is watching you and observing you non-stop and can understand your pain than anybody else in this world, he will protect you with the protective shield and remove all your pains just have strong faith in him.


The Best way to get rid of Social phobia is to know it`s root cause and find the solution.

The perfect formula to get rid of these kind of confidence problems is doing something good which do good for others because a kind of divine positive energy vibrates inside of us which gives us the confidence to do something good for others that is why mothers are always successful in protecting their kids because they do for their kids and not for themselves.


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