Romantic fairytale Third world wonder

Romantic fairytale! Welcome to my Romantic Fairyland!

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Yes, has been created with a noble intention of creating Wonders and Miracles and helping common Man solve their problems and make our lives more brighter and joyful.

One Solution to all Worry is Happiness and joy

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Romantic fairytale

The power of Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder! Adventures of Zaijoo is the father of all fairy-tales. To read my Romantic love story and swoon into this fairy-land read my book.

Romantic fairytale

The power of True love and Romance!

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romantic fairytale

The power of Motherhood!

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Third World Wonder

A Romantic fairytale got released and is in Online Market Right now.

31-year-old author Farah naaz is a divorcee who hails from Hyderabad India and has done her Masters from English and she is doing job as an auditor Executive, author further affirms with a charming smile that her romantic love story is Father of all Fairy-tales and another perfect  Disney movie material and she is sure it would hit the grounds.

Author was sipping coffee when we had an opportunity to ask some questions to her

What is this Fairy-tale all about?

This story is completely fictitious and imaginary. This is about a 19-year-old teenager who is multi talented, mind-blowing performer and good human being. It`s about his adventures of life.A VERY UNUSUAL INCIDENT HAPPEN WHICH CREATES GREAT SUSPENSE IN THE INITIAL STAGES OF THE STORY. There is emotion, suspense, drama, thrill, entertainment, Romance, love and a very beautiful fairy tale in the novel.  This book is a complete package of the lesson, fun and entertainment, and new love story of a true soul mate relationship.

What inspired you to write this book?

She hesitates a little bit and then regain confidence with pink blush on her cheeks

Some celebrity has inspired her to write this fairy-tale so passionately and she repeats and confirms she has written this book very passionately and it has taken her 7 long years to complete this romantic fairy-tale Third world wonder.

Can we know who is that celebrity which inspired such great reflections and dedication from her?

She replied it`s not to hide as it is common we all are fan of someone or the other

some are Shahrukh khan fan and some are Salman khan`s fan I was also a fan of someone and his name is Rajat tokas, you can currently watch him in the serial Chandra Nandini.

Commonly people write Biographies on Celebrities what made you write a fairy-tale?

Well i tried to contact the celebrity so much, but he showed no interest in my project

as i was left with information which was so little there was no choice but to divert my mind in some heavenly paradise like fairy-land.


How the idea of writing clicked your mind?

Well, i have got that passion for writing since my childhood days and I just love to pen down whatever inspires me or makes me feel wonderful.

So are you planning to write more books in future?

Yes, of course, i have already written other E-BOOKS like Third world wonder ll, Enchanting wife, and Motherhood Miracle which you can read on my website apart from writing I am also interested and love to cook, sing and paint.

What Hopes you have with your Novel Third world wonder?

Well, i have high hope I wish that one day my Romantic fairytale be made into a Hollywood Disney movie and entertain children teenagers and people of all age group as it would purely be a family movie.

Well, the writer seems very positive and optimistic and someone who has learned many lessons from her life she has high hope for the success of her book let`s see how it will do in the Market.





Romantic-Fairy-tale: A reflection on the book Third World Wonder!

Good Tidings!

  A Romantic Fairytale: A Reflection on Novel Third World Wonder Adventures of Zaijoo.

This is to give you all a short synopsis about the book. Third World Wonder is a romantic fairy tale written for all teenagers and children.
It is the father of all fairytales, the greatest love story of the universe presenting to you the brand new teeny Romantic fairytale the story of true soul mates. This Romantic Love story Third world wonder is for best entertainment plus lesson of good morals for all the children.
Let`s give you all a small reflection on climax scene from the novel.
Third world wonder Adventures of zaijoo it is the RomaFairytale-tale unheard unseen and unknown something striking unusual or can be said a magical, miraculous incident happens in the story which is completely hidden and mysterious.
One important scene from the novel is the last scene and an essential scene of this Romantic fairy tale.
Where Endora the purplish mountainous fairy on magi -co striking fairyland chants the magical spell
For which I’m here
For which I surrender
: Cyclone

And a Thunder!

God has destined from above

It`s Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

Third World Woner!

As the magic is performed Princess Sanorita could see Zaijoo shouting out her name standing and crying beside amazing Niagara falls of New York city one more wonder of the world.
SanorItaa i love you
The magical spell continues
Sanorita sacrifices her feathers and turns into a mortal the clock ticks and ticks and at the correct time there comes heavy rain thunder n lightening

Endora utters


for which I’m here
For which I surrender
Cyclone Lightning
And a thunder

God has destined from above
its third world wonder
Third world wonder

Third World Wonder!
Zaijoo has tears in his eyes he shouts out sanorita my sanorita I can’t live without you please come back i love you

Princess Sanorita comes down from the sky over to the Niagara falls on Zubi ( the large magical bird who has gems on her feathers)They land down where Zaijoo is standing

She utters Zaijoo I love you too
Zaijoo feels it is his hallucination due to sorrow but as he turns he really could find Sanorita running towards him: Zaijoo I love you and just when Sanorita hugs Zaijoo the sky turns red pink green purple maroon-yellow
Zaijoo gets stunned but realizes that the princess of fairyland the fairy of colors and music the most charming n exquisitely beautiful fairy Sanorita is in his arms

: Zaijoo smiles n then they live happily ever after.

And as both the soul-mates unites this Romantic fairytale ends with a Romantic quote

I love you too!

And they live happily ever after.

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