intelligent children one question which can make miracle

Intelligent children

One question which can make miracle.I`m not joking believe my words yes it is true there exists one question which can save life of children from getting spoiled and make them intelligent children.

It must be sounding mysterious and strange and you all must be wondering what im talking what kind of question can do that miracle.

Before speaking about intelligent children and one question which can make that miracle :

i would like to speak something about my early youth which has been spoiled by evil eye and black magic.My first marriage did not work because my relatives did black magic on me when i was young because they dont want me to achieve something great in my marital life and prove to be greater than their children, and that spell was cast to destroy my future marital life with my husband and that marriage broke in just 45 days. After 5 years i got engaged to a common man who use to work in gulf area and that engagement also broke because he wants my elder brother to get married to his sister which was not possible for us.Then after 6 years of my first divorce, my parents got me married to my elder brother`s colleague and friend who use to work with him and offer prayers with him in Masjid. My older brother thought that he is a good guy and will keep his sister happy.Though he do not earn much.

intelligent children

The real trouble started after i got married second time, my husband could not accept as the way am and always found numerous endless faults in me and my mother-in-law, she is the main vamp who ruined everything in my life. She is the woman who do not have any sister or sister-in-law and even when she got married her mother-in-law already expired so she do not know what pain a person feels when mother-in-law disrespect their family or scold them unnecessarily. And to add more she do not have any daughter too. She have three sons and my husband is the last and youngest one. My mother-in-law`s husband who was my father-in-law was paralyzed and she has taken care of him till 13 years and he died after a long sickness. My father-in-law was sick on bed till 13 years he use to get frustrated, and scold his wife even if she did not do anything to him. My mother-in-law worked in a boutique for a living and from that job she paid school fees and brought up her 3 sons with so much of trouble.

There were 3 things that she missed a lot in her life and 3 things  that she did not have in her life.

1- Time to look after her family cooking in the kitchen delicious snacks or go out with family because of her job and her services to her husband

2- She missed daughters in her life and even a sister

3- She missed husband`s love and that physical relationship with her husband.

When her older brother got married, it was reported to me by his wife that she troubled them a lot and do not allow them to get together and always complain daily to her son about his wife, which made her son beat her harshly one day and after observing this her older son`s wife went to magicians, gave them money to stop her from disturbing her life and my mother-in-law came to know about this later.

My mother-in-law could not disturb them now and they lived happy married life but she felt her son has been taken away from her by his wife, so she hold that grudge and revenge in her heart against her first daughter-in-law, because she could find her son always taking his wife`s side and favor and not giving any response to her.Her second son stays in Australia he have many girlfriends and many affairs and he never listen to his mother. My mother-in-law felt strongly that her two sons are not in her hands and she need to take her third son in her hands desperately and urgently so she did black magic on me so that my husband do not love me and hate me and never listen to anything which i say.And that magic amplified the magic done on me because there was already a spell cast on me before when i was young.

My mother-in-law thought she need to do that magic very urgently before i could do magic on her like her first daughter-in-law and i was innocent girl and my family is innocent we never go to any magicians for anything she put an arrow on some one who could not cause her any harm and who could be like her daughter in future.

My second marriage broke

first my kitchen was snatched away from me saying that i do not know how to cook perfectly where as i was striving hard to manage cooking with two little infant girls.

second my husband`s mind poisoned against me by daily dose of unnecessary trivial complaints against me and separated me from him

third she complaint about me daily all over her relatives and poisoned their minds too against me

fourth she kicked me out of my kitchen first by saying i do not know cooking i need to takecare of little babies etc and then ultimately she kicked me out of my  husband`s bed saying i disturb him my babies cry and disturb his sleep he need to go to office and finally she kicked me out of my husband`s place. Her famous daily dialogue to me everyday and frequently was Pack your suitcase and move out from here and even my husband do not support he could agree with her.

next she snatched away my children my daughters and did not allow me to hear even their voices for a long 2 years time.

She insisted and provoked my husband to divorce me without my knowledge.

My mother-in-law got everything for which she has been craving

she could not see husband and wife together and her evil eye creates tension problem and her black magic makes everything worse.

There exists one question which would could have saved my life and it was my and my parents responsibility to ask before me getting married to him.

Now the time comes when i need to reveal how to make intelligent children and about that one question which could save lives of children from getting ruined.

If my parents would have asked my husband and my mother-in-law what is that which she miss most in her life?

what is that which she needs desperately in her life? or even if she could not answer, her story would have told us that she miss daughters as she do not have any, and she miss family life like cooking going out with family on picnic and her story of taking care of her sick husband would have given us hint she miss husband`s love in her life.

There is a famous saying hurt people hurt others because what they have inside they give it outside, the people who suffered will give suffering the people who have gone through pain will give pain because they can give something which they possess.

If we go to footwear shop and ask for garments will they be able to give you garments? no they cannot

so how a person who has pain, hurt and suffering can give love and happiness to others.

This is an intelligent ideology if taught to children in their life it can save them from getting into troubled relationships and help them to choose right person who suits and match them and their thinking and ideas and be with them support them in their goals and also in their hard times.

If you want to make intelligent children then do teach them this lesson and tell them about one question which can save them from getting into wrong relationships.

intelligent children must ask that one question to their friends or anybody they come into contact;

What is that thing which you miss most in your life? or what is it that you crave and want desperately into your life?

After listening to their answer if you realize that you have exactly what he or she is missing in their lives or wants desperately then beware that person could harm you for life-long.

 Of course exceptions are there in a very rare and less amount in this world of course there are some people even if they have nothing they have divine power they are connected to god and wants to do good for all. These kind of people cannot harm you they are god sent angels in your life one such angel is your mother. Others can be your siblings your father or anybody who is angelic in nature. These people are found very rarely but they exist in this world because if 90% of the people in this world are selfish there exist still 10% who are genuine, divine and selfless even though they do not have wealth or anything in their life, they are born givers because they possess energy sent from god that`s it they do not need the wealth of this world because what they have is infinite love, positive energy and priceless wealth from the divine.












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