Divided queen new fairytale

The Divided Queen is a complete fairy-tale and a lovely romantic and action based love story.
Amy a girl in her mid-twenties is fed up of her job,she is desperate to leave her job and continue with her dreams and goals.Amy is a divorcee and her family forces her to continue the job as her job is the only nice thing she possess in her life after her husband left her alone.Amy felt bored and depressed she is about to commit suicide at the bridge. David an elf disguise himself as human saves her life and transports her to fantasy world called Escape city.

Escape city is a city ruled by racist queen who divided elves, fairies, pixies and trolls based on their races.There was lot of corruption in the city due to queen`s racism, she regards, elves more superior, big in size and powerful than sharp nosed pixies, delicate fairies and little elves.David an elf was a former ruler of the city who gave fairies who were refugees a place to escape in the city.

David treats everyone with equality and wants to get back his kingdom from the queen who has stolen his magical secret weapon and grabbed his power.
There`s loads of problems caused to pixies, trolls and fairies because of Queens harsh rule full of racism and corruption.Amy takes an oath to save David in his mission and she wants to solve the problem of Pixies who were suffering and facing issues due to factory`s noise and air pollution.In the meanwhile Victor a handsome elf who supports the Divided Queen falls in love with Amy.Watch out how Victor a villain turns into a romantic lover, savior and protector of Amy.

Watch out how this love story moves out and how Amy and David gets back the stolen secret weapon and the lost kingdom again.

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by farahnaaz

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