Hidden and unknown secret to make Rich children

Editorial review About Author farahnaaz

Once upon a time, a little brown eyed, skinny girl started writing poems andstories at the age of 12.  Today, that little girl, farahnaaz, has written three e-books on children one is her childrens fairytale Third world wonder Adventures of Zaijoo and second is her Motherhood miracle and third has released just now at Kindle Hidden and unknown secret to make rich children.In this E-BOOK  author farah has given her troubled childhood as an example to show the dos and dont`s guidelines for parents. This e-book is for child welfare, growth and development.  In addition to writing, Author is a mother of  two little baby girls, Maira and Nameera. Her favorite time pass is  serving internet and writing stories and fairy-tales and also making videos and short movies.

Hidden and unknown secret to make rich children


Hello all parents

Are you tired reading e-books about parenting?

Have you not found the solution yet?

Do you struggle to improve your kids?

Are your kids not performing well in their exams?

Are you worried because of your under developed kid?

Do you take tension about your kid’s safety?

If you answer yes then this e-book is for you.

Because I have some hidden and unknown secrets to share with you that is definitely going to solve all your problems in your long journey of parenting your kids.

Get ready to become fairy Jennie for your children. This is not a dream and im not joking this is a reality.I have some hidden and unknown secrets to make rich children and make their future shine with brightness.

Come and unlock this mystery and curiosity and let your soul knows some magical and miraculous secrets to make rich children which can not only make them rich in reality but also make their body mind and soul rich and healthy.

Take a step forward to make your child`s future bright and save them from accidents,unnecessary labor, punishments and exploitation.

Learn to solve all your children`s problems by yourself as this magical e-book will make you an angel and fairy Jennie who would always shower infinite blessings and bring bounties of joy into their lives.

Come and join me and enjoy this magical ride with me to the

Hidden and unknown secret to make rich children and i promise you would never regret and congratulate yourself after reading this e-book.


My e-book will show you exactly

  • The correct do`s and don’ts
  • What precautions to be taken for the protection and safety of kids
  • Master plan for good health, growth and development of kids
  • Kids spiritual and mental health
  • The real unknown and hidden secret which would help in securing the future of kids and giving them blissful life
  • Law of attraction and it`s unknown secret which can be utilized by parents for kids
  • Remove peer pressure and best steps to be taken for kids education

And much more and if you sign up now you will also get my free report on child welfare, child growth and development chart.

This e-book is a miracle e-book written by author who has taken an oath to create wonders and miracles for children and her readers.



A stitch on time saves 9

This proverb is so true prevention is better than cure.

Children are the foundation of a strong building

Children are the seeds of a beautiful garden

Everything starts in childhood and create an endless home.


Author Introduction:

Hi all Im farahnaaz Author and content creator I run my own website www.famanah.com.

Iam children`s author I write children`s fairy-tales and on topics of child welfare.

Iam a common girl who had troubled childhood and early youth. I learnt a lot of lessons and my experiences have earned me priceless wisdom which would be greatly beneficial for children the future of every Nation.

I have done Masters from English literature and have been into writing short stories, and poems since my childhood days. I have some hidden and unknown secret to make rich children not only rich in their lives but also rich by their hearts and souls, and I really want to share with you all which would benefit your children in their over-all growth and development. The main important point to note who do not want to become rich I have secret to be shared on how to make rich children and save them from exploitation.

To purchase this e-book right now go to my kindle store here is the link and grab this opportunity and to get my free report on child welfare, child growth and development sign up with me here and I will shower you weekly with more exciting offers, updates and yes my new fairy-tales and e-books on child welfare so stay tuned with me for more wonders and miracles together.

Table of contents:

  • My troubled childhood early youth!


  • Main statistics and survey results of child sexual assault every year



  • One question which can save life of children.



  • The best and perfect way on how to choose true soulmate for your children.


  • Practical steps to be taken to protect child accident. Child safety tips




  • Attraction laws works best in children



  • The key to make rich children positive cheerful and good human-beings


  • Create a fairyland out of their mind to make your children ecstatic



  • Top 10 best ways to divert your children`s bad habits into good one`s


  • Child counselling



  • How to solve child psychological problems and other disorders in children.


  • How to stop feuds among children and calm aggressive child for peaceful life



  • How to make your children healthy, active, wise and successful in their academics which would ultimately make them into Rich children.



  • How to save your children from evil eye black magic for their better future.

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