Top 15 Smart phone benefits

Top 15 Smart phone benefits:

Smartphones are often misused and people are unaware of various benefits it has got to offer Mankind.

Smartphones are your true defenders and your white blood corpuscle and your nutrition for growth and development

Your Smartphones are the main tool to progress and the main weapon to fight against evil.

But before telling about the advantages of smartphones let me caution you about the negative effects of Smartphones if it is misused.

We find so much pornography on the internet and social media and so much of cyber crime because of chatting and trusting strangers keep yourself away from pornography and strangers then you can enjoy the benefits of a mobile phone truly and totally in your life.And too much is too bad so always use smartphones properly do not stick to it like as this smart phones obsession are causing many health problems and also weakening bone-marrow of kids.

If the Smart phones are used properly in a correct way it can become your priceless gem and it can also help you to provide correct and true evidences when people blame you and judge you wrongly when you are innocent and not guilty.

The list of Top 15 Smart phone benefits.

  • 1- Smart phones removes communication blockage and help in flowing communication this can help to maintain a healthy relationship a good positive and inspiring text or message to loved one has the power to heal hurts and removes loneliness.

A single line on whats app to your parent’s siblings or friends like how are you? Happy birthday can vibrate an energy of togetherness and built a successful contact.


    • 2- Smart phones can also make you closer to Allah. Example download a Quraan App with English translation in this way you can listen Quraan in your free time and will also be able to understand the verses and follow it in your life.It is beautiful instead of wasting time in back biting making fun of others let`s listen and learn Quraan. An alarm fixed in your Smart phones to listen Azaan call for prayers or to wake you up at fajar prayer time or before dawn in Ramadan can do best for us and help us in offering prayer to Allah on time.You can keep caller tune or ringtone of beautiful hamd and Naat of Prophet Mohammed(saw) to remind us that Allah is there with us so do not fear have faith in Allah`s power.If you belong to other religion you can download Geeta or Bible apps and listen to various religious sermons daily.
    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 3-Smart phones can also make you fit athletic and healthy :

    • just save Yoga and Aerobics You-tube videos and put it on every morning while exercising this is the great way to get into the world of fitness.Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 4-Smart phones can also make you First-Aid doctor:

    • just collect information about basic first-aid do some research on first-aid basic medicines and make a valuable first-aid bag at home according to the needs of your family.And learn how to do cpr and save a life at emergency times. This is not enough if you get doubt on the medication medical advise or treatment of any doctor you can research and collect proper and correct information about his treatment and medication using internet facility on your Smart phones as there exists some fraud doctors who writes expensive medical tests and medications and scare the patients just for money.

learn Smart phone photography here!

    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    • 5- Smart phones can make you a great cook. Just download App of your favorite chef watch and learn one recipe daily If you practice daily then one day surely you can become a great cook.
    • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
      Home mommy chef
    • 6-Smart phones can solve your problems, answer all your queries and teach you new and useful things like interior decoration sewing stitching embroidery etc just go to and watch whatever you want to learn from life.

Learn interior decoration

  • 7-Smart phone can save your time you spend on shopping just go to snap-deal or download online shopping apps like amazon and make payments through your card or choose cash on door delivery options.
  • 8-Smart phones can make you great planner and also great writer. Write daily things to do list poem, indicatively on memo or word-pad and save it in your mailbox. Just imagine you are not having a pen and paper and someone tries to give you his contact on the spot then that time open your Smart phone and note down in your memo or save his number. And one more benefit just imagine you have got a doctor`s appointment and you are waiting outside for one hour just take candy crush play a game or take out memo or write down your favorite poetry or your heartfelt words in it and save it.
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
  • 9-Your Smart phone can also be your calculator and GPS go anywhere without any need to ask any one routes or even book a cab for yourself.
  • 10- Smart phone can increase your knowledge go to play books and read sample books for free.
  • 11-Smart phone can also help you to learn a new skill and even acquire online certification for it this can really give a boost to your career from home just go to udemy or Alison they are offering number of courses for free.
  • 12-Smart phone makes you even more smarter in managing finances and having a track record of your bank account
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
  • 13-Smart phone helps in catching fond memories and events of your life.
  • 14-Smart phone can also make you manage your finances and bill properly, through net banking you could know about your bank account and can even make easy transactions to add more spice you can even recharge your smart phone sitting at home with the help of your bank.
  • 15-Smart phone can make you Domestic CID just connect your CCTV Camera to your Smart phone. It can also save you from evil people and also act as a weapon and spy to catch right evidences which could give you justice when you are not on your fault.
  • Example Automatic call recorder will record all the calls and you can save it in your mail or send on whats-app.
  • Voice recorder will record conversations this recorder will record if someone is screaming shouting and blaming you or teasing you.
  • Spy camera a spy camera will record videos with voice without letting any one know about it.
  • Top 15 Smart phone benefits
    Home CID

Imagine someone

stealing or misbehaving or any evidence or it can even be a record that you have made a payment on time which could help you in times of problem.Thus in this way we could conclude these were the Top 15 Smart phone benefits and smart phones are really our true defenders and it has an ability to make us an All Rounder.


High quality web content

High quality web content

High quality web content

If you want to do successful web business then remember Content is king, so here are some best tips to write High quality web content


Write an amazing web content

High quality web content

How to write a successful High quality Web content

A Successful and extremely professional search engine optimized and keyword rich content is now
day`s a dream of every person who wants to make a good name in the Web business.
Here are easy and wonderful tricks to writing a High quality web content to become a great success in internet marketing.

Find best SEO tips here!

High quality web content

There are 10 steps to writing a Rich web content:

1- High Quality Web content is always short and informative:

Never write a long, dragging stories, and never use words of grandeur or extra unnecessary words or a text full of verbosity in your web content, The content of high quality contains words and paragraphs which are correctly spelled and grammatically correct and a content of high standard always covers the main important points.

2- High quality web content contains proper introduction, main body, and conclusion:

This type of web content also covers up the positive points and negative points or can be said advantages and disadvantages of his topic.

3- High quality web content is always authentic, own created, and original

which comes straight from your heart. And something which comes from the heart surely touches others heart.

4- High quality content is always written systematically

with lot of divisions, discipline, classification and organization. For example, a content is described by keeping sidebars, bullet points, Numbers or many side Headings.
5- The most important point of high quality web content is it is always written keeping the common man`s point of view and their needs on importance.

6- The question is how to create such High quality web content:

Just go to google and type your topic`s name in search engine, just check out some sites, articles, forums and save the important data and images in your word pad. Then make your own content with your own mind and share it with this world.

7- Remember High quality web content focus more on solving people`s problems

so always focus on something of value and quality which you want to give it to others or inform others about the knowledge or wisdom which comes in their great use.

8- High quality web content is always not just content,

it must bring a lot of beauty like colorful and stylized fonts, Lovely images, advertising links, tags and knowledgeable and informative youtube videos and great conclusion.

9- It is of no use if you have written a content of good quality

and you do not know how to share with others. So please always share your content with people on social media websites like facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr etc.

10- High quality web content must contain a keyword which should be present in your topic, title,
Sub-titles, side-heading, in your URL and description.

So these were the highly successful tips and tricks to write a successful and engaging web content that is going to help you to become a wonderful success on the internet.


Social phobia root cause best solution

Social phobia root cause best solutions

Social phobia root cause:

Today I want to speak on the subject of Social phobia and it`s root causes because some people suffer from this problem and the people who do not suffer from social anxiety does not know anything about its pain and the suffering and loss which it brings to some people.

Social phobia

The person suffering from social phobia has the following symptoms

  • Feeling cold and body becoming cold
  • Sweating and perspiration even in Air condition
  • Sweaty and cold hands and feet
  • Increased Heartbeats
  • Restlessness
  • Dry throat could not able to speak up in public
  • Shivering body
  • Quivering lips
  • Frequent Urination
  • Acidity and gas
Social phobia
Social phobia

So guys next time if you see someone suffering from Social Anxiety have some compassion and kindness for that person and do not reject the person who suffers from traumas invisible to human eyes because a social phobia is one of those traumas.

Now let`s take a deeper and closer look

Let`s look at the Social phobia root cause? And why it comes to some people and not to all the others.

Take a deep breathe friends because am going to reveal to you unknown and hidden secrets which are the cause of Social Anxiety.

Social phobia root cause is our own Past sins:

This is one of the hidden secrets of why some people suffer from Social Anxiety, it`s just because our soul tells us we are bad, we are not equal to others, we lost our innocence and we do not deserve to be happy like others especially happy like little children.

It happens especially when the sin is connected to adultery.And some people suffer from panic attack if they know from inside what they are doing is wrong, bad and sinful. They feel less confident and more afraid to move forward.


Sometimes even evil thoughts make us feel guilty sinful and not equal to other people who are happy and full of life. It`s just because we waste our Divine life force energy in wasteful thoughts and that life force energy can be better utilized by creating something which is good and beneficial for others.
Social phobia
Social phobia
We all have a life force energy and life purpose but unfortunately, many people do not know how to use it and which way to go and they are just stuck up in their busy lives or a job in which they have no passion.


Those sins can also be from your past lives and past bad karma which many believe it to be superstition and only a few of them believe in these things. The sins we do in our past lives gives us guilt as a bad gift in this life and so social anxiety automatically pops up even though our soul knows we have not done any major sin in this life.


Social Anxiety happens because we do not love ourselves:

Whenever you speak to a person who is suffering from depression or social Anxiety most of them say they could not love themselves and they could not forgive themselves even if the mistake or sin is trivial and small.

They are more pessimistic about themselves and their lives and suffer from Inferiority complex from inside. These kinds of people have a hard time to gel up with people and are called as introverts.

Some people do not understand the pain which they are going through because of social Anxiety and calls them with names like proud and arrogant.

This kind of people could not feel free of sins from inside and they punish their souls in the name of social Anxiety.

It can also happen because of no faith and belief in god: If we trust god and have a strong belief that he is the one who will protect you from all the negatives and bad of this universe then we do not grow pessimistic about life we will have good hope from god.


Social phobia happens because of being high spirited:

This is one of the rare cause of social anxiety some people are light givers, problem solvers and a magnificent person from inside who have so much of love to give to this world. They want to give an important and divine message to the people of this world and they want to make them understand a very important matter, but sometimes they themselves are not aware of their life purpose and what message or gifts they have to give it to others but this kind of people are very high spirited from inside and that spirit just blows up like cyclone especially before giving a stage performances or facing public.


So next time if you are having social anxiety before a stage performance then think it is a pure high voltage energy which is vibrating inside you and you are eager to present yourself in front of others and there, in turn, wants to benefit others from your side a great deal.

Social phobia root cause can also be evil eye and negative vibrations sent by others to you:

Some people are jealous of others success, they hate us from inside and have loads of anger on our good fortune. This kind of people pass discouragement, and loads of negative vibration to us which causes social Anxiety and discomfort inside our bodies sometimes it can also lead to sickness and diseases coming into our body.

Because Prophet Mohammed (saw) said looking at someone with compassion, kindness and mercy will remove all their pains suffering and diseases out from their bodies and souls

And looking at someone with hate, anger, jealousy will create roadblocks in his life and include pain suffering and diseases in his or her body.

That is the reason why god has said looking at your parents with love is like doing hajj daily in your life.

Just imagine by just looking at your parents with love and mercy god is rewarding you with the great reward of going on a long pilgrimage for god.

Social phobias are also caused by giving too much importance to people: You see you worked hard all day because guests are visiting your home, you put up glamorous make-up and lovely clothes just because guests coming in your home, you can do everything but giving too much importance to people develops social anxiety because you just want to be perfect and in becoming perfect you become so skeptical about your faults and start ignoring your good qualities, you even start pointing at your loved one`s mistakes just to make everything perfect for people aakhir prestige ka sawaal hain.

People do not come and visit you when you are on the thorns of your life or going through your hard times, people do not help you when you need their help and people do not understand you when you misunderstood, so why giving people importance instead give god importance then everything would change for the better.


Social phobia root cause is also caused by our own power of resistance: Fear is resistance and resistance are fear, someone has greatly said where there is love there is no fear and where there is fear there is no love. Ask yourself what you are resisting? and what you are afraid of?

When you resist, you hold things and does not allow anything to flow and move on in your life.

You yourself are blocking your life with your own resisting power.

What is there that you would not like to happen to you and so you are creating a resisting force against it. Remember love is allowing, accepting and just letting go. Accept the truth and reality and do not reject the truth anytime in your life.

Everything passes in this world

Time passes by, emotions pass by suffering pass by good times pass by and one you will also pass by and enters that eternal world the world where there is no mortality no pain no suffering no shame no guilt but just prayers but just love and pure flow of love.

Social Anxiety happens also because of the wrong diet: If you smoke intake tobacco and drink alcohol daily or if you

Drink those soft drinks and meat on daily basis. Then this can also be the cause of anxiety.

Anxiety comes more to those who eat the meat of other animals as this habit is unhealthy and also spoil our serenity from inside.

It is said by our Prophet Mohammed(saw) a person who eats meat daily till 40 days will have his heart become black which means a heart without any feelings and emotions like a dead man`s heart which has no love for anyone.

Prophet Mohammed (saw) rarely ate meat and he only took mutton or chicken very occasionally

He loved pumpkins, dates, milk and use to drink a lot of water and vegetables.

The best ways to overcome Social phobia:

Love yourself: Allow love to flow inside you and just accept everything and go with the flow of this life, just feel everything and let go.

To say ultimately love yourself completely.


Forgive yourself and others: This is the best way to get rid of anxiety and depression.

Forgive yourself and others who have caused you hurt than feel how light and serene you will feel from inside by just forgiving yourself and everyone around you.

Free yourself from sins: Stay away from sins.

Please Stop watching vulgar things on the internet and stop your evil dirty thoughts. Look at another woman how you look at your own little sister or mother with clean eyes.

Prayers and Meditation: It is said that god has made hearts but he has taken its peace with him.

So the best way to achieve heart`s piece is only by remembering god and praying.

It is a scientific proof that meditation and prayers give us good health and good sleep and it gives such intense satisfaction joy and peace to our hearts.

A Heart away from sins and in memory of Divine ends suffering and gives eternal peace.

Drink water and have vegetables to cure social Anxiety: Cultivate good habits, good hygiene, and discipline in your life, offer your regular prayers and eat vegetables, fruits and drink lot of water. And am sure this is a good way to cure you of Anxiety and social problems.

Have strong faith and belief in god: Allah will surely help you to get rid of your suffering and pain he is watching you and observing you non-stop and can understand your pain than anybody else in this world, he will protect you with the protective shield and remove all your pains just have strong faith in him.


The Best way to get rid of Social phobia is to know it`s root cause and find the solution.

The perfect formula to get rid of these kind of confidence problems is doing something good which do good for others because a kind of divine positive energy vibrates inside of us which gives us the confidence to do something good for others that is why mothers are always successful in protecting their kids because they do for their kids and not for themselves.


Success relationship life force energy

Hey, guys welcome to get shocked and amazed because I am going to write about Success relationship life force energy which could create a wonder and miracle in your life soon.

Success relationship life force energy:

What is life force Energy?

Success relationship life force energy

law of attraction is kind of life force

Life force energy is the energy in a human being to live life with burning passion.
This energy is a divine energy which is gifted by god. Life force energy mainly comes from Allah.

How life force energy comes and created?

Life force energy comes and created from these things.

1; Prayers As mainly life force energy comes from Allah:

when a person offers pure sincere prayer to Allah. Life force energy is gifted from god to that person. And this is the main source of creating life force energy within us.

2: Exercise:

When any human being busy himself in good amount of exercises his body becomes fit and healthy
And immune system develops and also his life force energy increases.
He remains away from falling sick and he remains young always.

Success relationship life force energy
relationship and life force

3; Good Sleep: A good night`s sleep is also essential for creating life force energy

As a tired body and tired muscles cannot do anything with heart and passion. A body needs rest, and it is very important to be calm and peaceful to generate life force energy within ourselves. Life force generates from complete silence.


4; Right Diet: We are what we eat!

This is really the truth. Life force energy is created in our body when we eat right kind of food.
Life force energy is found more in juicy fruits and vegetables mostly in organic nature foods like dry fruits, dates, cashews, pomegranate, grapes, avocado, kiwi, pears, honeydew, watermelon,Oranges, Guava, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, Brown bread, cereals, pulses, wheat, brown rice,and Pumpkin etc.

There is less of life force energy in Non Vegetarian food:

Mutton, Chicken, boiled eggs, does have energy but that energy is not connected to god.

Success relationship life force energy

5; Water: Water has much life force energy;

Always drink more water, bathe daily and stay connected to water as it increases our life force energy. 70% of the body consists of water and to take note this world consists of 70% water and only 30% of land. Water is essential to cultivate life force energy.

6; Good- Deeds: Doing good to others:

giving others joy create endless life force energy and it is one of the main sources of creating life force energy.

Give this world the best you have and better than the best will come back to you:

Enjoy the joy of giving and your good deeds will create your good karma, it will get amplified and comes back to you surely one day.

7- Compassion and following the philosophy of Oneness:

God always show us in this world by the lessons which we learn here that we all are one
We came alone, we go alone from this world, we suffer alone
Every human being are equal,
There`s no rich no poor, no big no small all are equal in the eyes of god.
How we behave when others are in problem
The same behavior we get when we are in problem.

What goes around definitely comes around?

Because we all are one
Universal energies!
Just simply if we all could understand this thing we never misbehave with others or mistreat others
Because we do not like others to mistreat us.
Our vibes attract our tribe.
What energy we vibrate towards others, the same energy we would get back from them.
Because we all are one.
We all are equal.
We all are same.

Compassion is the greatest thing which we could give it to others:

It is the emotion which we have for our little ones
For our kids
How about feeling the same love for all fellow beings
Look at others with compassion, smile at them with compassion.
That`s all we need to learn in this world.
Because compassion creates only one thing that is greatness.
It does Miracles and Wonders.
And this compassion creates astounding and endless Life force energy inside you.

Great scientists, and all great Men who created and invented great things in this world:

has one thing in their heart that is Compassion for others which led them to create great things and better things to solve our problems.

8; Following heart and true purpose of life:

Just imagine stuck in doing something which you do not like?
How will be your performance?
Will you be able to give your heart your 100% to this job?
The answer is NO.
Just plain No.
But when you follow your heart you will realize the true purpose of life and the joy which you experience in doing the job which you love would be immense and the results would be great.
So never force yourself in doing something which you do not love and do something which you love.

Develop your career in that field you love than see the results;

and I guarantee you the results would be miraculous because you are doing something in which you have that ever lighting, burning desire.
That would be your true purpose of life and it will surely create life force energy which comes in the form of money and yes I must say money is a kind of life force energy which is created when a person gives the heart to some divine work which does well for all.

Developing positive emotions like smiling being cheerful always creates more life force energy:

and it makes your face looks beautiful and your body healthy.

9- Unity is a strength:

If we believe that what we do to others is, in fact, we are doing to ourselves then we never ignore and be indifferent to others sufferings and pains.
If all gets united and fight against evil then one day there would be no evil and crime in this world.
Because we all are one and united we can and we will make a difference.
Unity is a great strength as it creates life force energy from the strong purpose and desire to end the evil by fighting united.

Now you must be thinking this is all about I have got to say about Success relationship and life force energy:

No, you are wrong dear
let’s talk about Success and relationship now.

Sin is always selfish and it is sin which stops the formation of that creative life energy to form inside of us.
The one quote which changes my life and transforms me is
The minute we are selfish we are failure
The minute we are giving we are a success.

a)The root cause of all crime is selfishness and indifference to others sufferings:


6- Oneness to win:

The mind is capable of holding only one thought at a time. Distractions and diversions do help in relieving stress.

All human beings create just waste when we become selfish and indifferent towards others pain.

The most striking and stunning fact about Zakaath in Islam is:

If every Muslim takes out the proper proportion of zakaath and give it to poor then no Muslim would be poor in this world.
The extra money which we get is the right of the poor and Allah has granted us the authority to give that money to poor. And rich people instead of giving money to poor waste that money on parties, night outs, drinking, gambling, fun and such wastages.

The money which we do not give it to poor becomes waste:

in the form of spoilt food which goes in the garbage, and money spent to pay hospital bills or sometimes wastes come in the form of feuds disputes, quarrels, stress deaths police lawyers, defame shame or just parties nonsense fun and nothing else.

Selfishness only creates waste and crime and waste is sin;

The minute we are selfish it means we are wasting our precious time.
Just observe the minute you think about yourself you get depressed, oh this guy not paying attention to me, oh this junior has achieved so much before me. Oh, no one loves me, oh no one cares about me!
Oh, I have done so much for others but no one wants to help me when I need them.
All these thoughts are just about yourself. You are depressed you are sad you are stressed just because you are thinking of yourself;

You are being selfish and complaining:

Even when we are speaking to others when we speak only about ourselves to them one or two times others tolerate but afterwards it becomes excruciatingly annoying and boring because they could not get any benefit from listening to what you do? What you face? What problems do you suffer?
When we smile, when we ask about others, when we speak something which could benefit others and solve others problems then definitely we can win their heart.

The talk which is self-centered creates waste of time:

but the talk which is full of wisdom which is good for yourself and good for others and which is about Allah then surely it creates utilitarian time and it benefits everyone including you.

And guys yet I am not done with me speaking about Success relationship life force energy I have got to say more about it.
It`s relationship turn now.

Prophet Mohammed (Saw) great saying:

One day a disciple of prophet Mohammed(SAW) Comes to Prophet`s home and he asked him to question Oh my highness great Mohammed (saw) I want to know how can I become the most honorable and respected person of all.
Prophet Mohammed (saw) has replied Do not speak about your needs with others you will become the most respectful person in the world.

And just imagine and wonder whenever we ask someone’s help:

or whenever we tell them that we need money or this kind of favor what response we get we lose a bit of respect in front of that person, he or she deny helping to make excuses that they are busy and they do not have the money right now.

Relationships one Miraculous solution:

The same thing happens in relationship too when we show the person that we love them and we need them desperately what reaction we get the person runs away from us and lose respect for us, there remain no passion and mystery and the person can even use our needs to his advantage like threatening that if we do not do as he or she say he or she will not speak to you or break with you and sometimes if we do as they wish they would spend weekend with us or take us out for dinner.

This kind of bribing and threatening can happen only when we tell our partner that we need them

and they misuse our needs making it our biggest weakness.
If you want to be honored and respected then refrain from telling your personal matters to others and refrain from telling about what you need most in your life. Again it comes in being selfish when we are self-centered in our talk we talk about our needs and personal desires and problems if we ask about others and show care to them we are a success a winner.So these were my Miraculous and wondrous tips on Success relationship life force energy


Third world wonder ll No home for woman

Third world wonder ll no home woman!

Third world wonder ll:

This story Third world wonder ll is about woman who has been forcibly given triple talaakh her true love for her kids which has the power to shake mountains

and make impossible into possible in the end after struggling so much the protagonist wins the custody of her children and become a famous and great woman.

Third world wonder ll

This is a real life story of a woman who has gone through much domestic violence, harassment and torture in her in-laws home and finally came up from all those circumstances and became a great woman.

This Book is a story of a woman who has been a a normal common girl:

Now when she enters her husband`s home she has to face many difficulties and humiliations intense pain and suffering caused by husband and her mother-in-law.

woman suffer because there are no alpha males

 Third world wonder ll

And her children has been snatched away by her husband:

This is a very unusual story of a young woman who goes through much torment and harassment in her in-laws home.This is a reality based story of a young woman and the incidences which are described in the story are very unusual and mischievous happenings which takes place in her life.

here are some best seductive methods

 Third world wonder ll

This story Third world wonder ll is a great learning for all the young unmarried girls :

who are going to get married soon.I hope this book would be appreciated and come in great use for everyone. Young woman suffers a lot and in the end struggle hard to achieve success in life. Third world wonder ll is a struggle of a woman to show to this world that she is not worthless and mental as her in-laws tried best to make her retarded and show to this world just because they do not like her they want to make her retardation a strong reason in front of people. And she Proves in the end that she can also become someone very great.

 Third world wonder ll

The Protagonist book got published from Author-new publishing Enterprises

The book got so popular and famous.

It got press releases, articles were released in newspapers and magazines.

And one day her name was announced for Best Booker prize of the year

She while taking the award

Tells to everyone

I thank Allah and my parents for this award:

And my brother who has supported financially to publish my book

And I also thank the authorities who has nominated me and given me this award.

Third world wonder ll

Third world wonder ll !

is dedicated to all the woman of this world! It is about a woman who has been forcibly dragged to India. she has been turned out from her husband`s home after coming back to India and forcibly children are taken from her and forcibly given triple talaakh without even her knowledge. The only reason for divorce is husband do not like her and accept her.

It is a lesson to all the woman

My question to all the woman is

When a woman stays in her parent`s home

It`s her parents home

When a woman gets married and stays in her husband`s home

It`s her husband`s home

And when a woman in her old age lives in her son`s home

It`s her son’s home

Other- wise she is allowed to stay in some old age home?

My question is

Where is the woman`s home?

 Third world wonder ll


The home which is owned by her!

If the protagonist of my story would have a home of her own

Then nobody would have dared to neck her out of her own home!

This story is a wake-up call for all the woman

Please wake up stand up on your own feet and do not make one more Story of Third world wonder ll;


Make your own career and make your own home

So that a woman never depends on any man for her survival!

One who is rejected by all

Is always accepted by god

Thank-you so much for this great award I dedicate this sincerely to all the woman of this world!

So this was the last part of the novel Story Third world wonder ll.

to know how she suffers and struggles in her life and how she becomes the great famous writer please read my book and it is available online.Please go to this link to purchase it right now.


Motherhood miracle

Motherhood miracle

Motherhood Miracle

The one wonder book Motherhood Miracle could let you feel stunned at the astounding results it produces and creates a Miracle in your life.

Motherhood miracle

Dear Friends,

Do you suffer when your kids fall sick often?

Do you suffer when your kids grow aggressive and you don’t know what to do?

Do you feel annoyed when your kids annoy you by doing something which you asked them not to do?

Are your kids stubborn and noisy?

If you say yes

Then Motherhood Miracle is the solution for all your problems.

Motherhood miracle

Are you pregnant?

And do not know what to do except asking the doctor and reading online articles?

Are you new nursing mother and do not have any guidance what to do in actuality and practically

Accept reading theoretically about it and taking pieces of advice from doctors and elders.

Then Motherhood Miracle is the best and perfect answer for all your questions.

Because Motherhood Miracle has been produced and made by a mother who has experienced

Many pitfalls and hurdles in her life.

Hello dear all I am farahnaaz

And this book has been written by me after experiencing loads of pain and suffering in my journey

And I have learned many things from this journey.

I have suffered and could bring out some practical solutions which you will not find anywhere else not in newspapers, Magazines or online articles you will only find your Miracle solutions and all wondrous and magical answers to all your problems in my E-Book Motherhood Miracle.


remove stress!

Motherhood miracle

After learning so many lessons I have done so much of research on this, read a lot and could come out with the opinion and content which is unique and hidden.

When you will read my book you will wonder:

that the solutions are so simple and were before your very own eyes but you could not understand and observe it and these solutions if followed with dedication could produce a miracle in your life.

I-Your Kids would be more healthy and happy

II-Your kids would rarely fall sick

III-Your kids would be obedient

IV-Your kids would be more active and participative

V-Your kids would perform well in their studies.

VI-Your kids would be Organized and cheerful.

What more a Mother wants just their kid’s happiness that`s all.

VII-To add more your kids would be more social, interactive and blooming with their god`s gifted Talents:

That`s what every Mother wants and Motherhood Miracle is that Magical Book which would make this impossible into a complete truth.

Self-esteem is important

Motherhood miracle

I have sections in my book, which would cover each and every topic in a very detailed way.

1-First Section is about a perfect First-Aid Bag for your children:

In this section, I have made it so easy for mothers to prepare and maintain this bag and comfort your kids anywhere and in any corner of the world you are traveling with them. And this magical bag contains even the documents section which would make anything so easy no matter where you are traveling with your kids.

2- the Second section is a Baby bag:

This bag is really very important to take wherever you are moving with your kids, the place can be a restaurant, picnic spot, park, or the home of relatives and friends.

Just imagine your kid`s shoes is hurting and you have got a pair of warm comfortable and soft pair of shoes ready in your baby bag.

Motherhood miracle

This Magical baby bag makes every difficulty into a comfort for your kids.

3- the Third section covers your Children`s Health, Activity and Hygiene Planner:

You would wonder and wonder for days and realize how easy your life has become by just following a simple routine which would take so less time and effort and to put the icing on the cake do Magic and a Miracle in your life. Yes, Motherhood Miracle is here to really create that wonders and miracles in your life.

4- the Fourth section covers delicious plus Healthy Meals and recipes for kids:

I have some amazing recipes and techniques for little children that are most healthy, planned and super nutritious for their health. And these miraculous techniques and yummy meals would make them finish their food and crave for more and even make them more active and healthy.

And I also have a guide of what to give to children and the foods which we must avoid giving children.


5-My fifth section covers Making learning an entertainment and fun:

You cannot believe I have some amazing techniques with which you can make your children learn with loads of fun and entertainment and it guarantees it will work 100% for your kids and they will complete their home works and project works on time. To add more they would excel in their academics.


Motherhood miracle

6- My sixth section covers building up good habits in children and making them perfectly self-dependant:

This habit of self-dependency will make your children strong and ready to face life and the good habits instilled in them like meditation, prayers and exercise would give them self-confidence to move on in life even when they are facing hurdles and difficulties.

7- My final section covers the topic of security of children: It`s very important to keep SPY Camera around kids connected to your Android so that you can keep an eye on children if in case you are not around. Nearly 92% of mishaps occurs only when children are not around their parents or when parents are busy in their workplace, shopping or social gatherings.

The best way to stop all the mishaps and crime against children. I feel this book is a must read for all the mothers out there who are living on this earth planet.
Motherhood miracle

If you think better than the best for your child

and wants’ to make their future bright then purchase my book and order now. The Motherhood Miracle would surely do a miracle in your children’ss life with the will of god.To tell fairytales read my Romantic Fairy-tale to your little one Third world wonder.

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Third world wonder Romantic fairytale

Third world wonder

Third world wonder

The Magic, Miracle and Third world Wonder

This Romantic saga and fairy-tale epic is the most enchanting fairy-tale and the most gripping and heart touching love story of true soulmates.

Just check out the most famous dialogue of the novel from Gigantic fairy Endora.

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For which i am here!

For which I surrender!

Cyclone! Lightening!and a Thunder!

God has destined from above

Its Third world wonder

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Third world wonderThird world wonder


A story unseen and Completely out of this world :

A story you have never heard before

Something which never has happened!

An extraordinarily Beautiful and immortal love story!


The greatest love story of the universe!

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Third world wonder


Third world wonder ADVENTURES OF ZAIJOO :

Zaijoo is the most handsome person who is very famous celebrity.

He has millions of fan following and is always chased and gets surrounded by girls.


1-How Zaijoo gets rid of girls.

2- Astrologer woman reveals that some Miracle is going to happen with Zaijoo

3- Zaijoo is worried and he could meet jennie fairy in the night!

4- Jennie fairy blesses him and sends him to Mystical Fairy land!

5- Every one are shocked to see alien called Zaijoo in Fairy land

6- Astrologer fairy reveals him that Magic and Wonder something unusual is going to happen with him soon!

7- Mystery behind the door!

As you move on

You will see on

The truth!

The truth!

The truth!

8) Mystery behind the door unlocks! Adventures of Zaijoo gets started now!

9- Zaijoo wins the heart of fairyland, and gets back hidden treasure to the fairy land!

  1. a) Princess Zanna`s marriage in the Music world!
  2. b) The most romantic Rain Dance in the Marriage!

10- Theft of the luckiest charm of Magico Striking fairyland!

11- Zaijoo confesses his love to Sanorita!

12- Fairy States the strangest fairy facing triple personality problem!

Third world wonder

13- The great war of fairyland!

14- Zaijoo performs a great stunt in the war.

15- Musk queen is also known as Red Fairy and the revelation of truth!

Third world wonder

16- Zaijoo back to earth!

17- Zaijoo forgets everything that happened in fairy land and gives an interview that he is alright!

18- Princess sanorita enters as Somandrella

Third world wonder

19 –Zaijoo organise stage dance shows in college for charity

The luckiest girl will win a date with handsome hunk Zaijoo

20- The Romance of Somandrella and Zaijoo, they fall in love with each other!

21- Princess Sanorita and Zaijoo acts in movies together!

22- Zaijoo recognizes Princess Sanorita!

And she comes back to fairy land!

23- Princess Sanorita passes through different stages struggles hard to go back to Earth!

24 Endora a Gigantic Mountainous woman enters in the story!

For which I am here!

For which I surrender!

Cyclone lightning and Thunder!

God has destined from Above

It`s Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

Oh my god!

A wonder!

A magic

And a miracle happens

To see the wonder please read my book

Third world Wonder!

Adventures of Zaijoo!

Third world wonder


This story is completely fictitious and imaginary. This is about a 19-year-old teenager who is multi-talented, mind-blowing performer and good human being.It`s about his adventures of life.A VERY UNUSUAL INCIDENT HAPPEN WHICH CREATES GREAT SUSPENSE IN THE INITIAL STAGES OF THE STORY. There is emotion, suspense, drama, thrill, entertainment, Romance, love and a very beautiful fairy tale in the novel. This book is a complete package of the lesson, fun and entertainment, and new love story of a true soulmate relationship.

Third world wonder

The Father of all Fairy-tales

The most Memorable the most entertaining and engaging

Presenting to you

The story of

Third World Wonder!

I farahnaaz Author of Third World Wonder presenting to you this beautiful website

Where we can buy this magical thunderstorm book, the story in this book is not at all film where you always find first hero heroine fighting than loving and then getting united then marriage then problems tensions, in the end, fighting with one villain and they live happily ever after not at all like this,


WHERE ACTOR AND ACTRESS ARE STRUGGLING WITH SOME HUGE ANIMAL AND IN THE END THEY LIVED HAPPILY SAFELY EVER AFTER NOT AT ALL. This story is completely different, which you have never seen never heard before.

If you want to buy it at the more lower rate then order your book with me

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Personal views Bahubali 2

Personal views Bahubali 2 : Recently the movie Bahubali 2 was in headlines and got a great response on social media and everywhere.I am here to present to you some Personal views on Bahubali 2

Bahubali match with my Romantic fairy-tale Third world wonder Adventures of zaijoo:

Though I could find more of action and less of Romance in Bahubali movies but an image of an action hero who solves others problems and who wins the heart of others and who proves to be the superman is same like Zaijoo.

Personal views Bahubali 2

Zaijoo and Bahubali are similar and equal action heroes:

Bahubali fights in the war: Zaijoo performs a great stunt in the war of Magico striking fairy-land against splendor fairy-land.Zaijoo makes Magico- striking fairy-land win the war and thus wins the heart of fairy-land.

Bahubali is the favorite of all:

Zaijoo is also a favorite celebrity on earth and in fairy-land, he wins the love and affection of everyone there who cried for him at the time when he was leaving fairy-land for his mother.

Bahubali movie is based on imagination and contains supernatural elements: Third world wonder adventures of zaijoo is also fictitious and give birth to dreamy and heavenly fairy-land in the minds of an audience.

Personal views Bahubali 2

I feel those who are a fan of Bahubali must read my book too because we never know Zaijoo could prove to be even better than this movie as zaijoo is a great Romantic and action hero plus multi-talented and beautiful kind human being himself.

Let’s take a quick analysis of the main important scene of my novel.

The reflection on Third world wonder adventures of zaijoo.

Romantic-Fairy-tale: A reflection on my book Third World Wonder!

A Romantic Fairytale: A Reflection on my Novel Third World Wonder Adventures of Zaijoo.

This to give you all a short synopsis about the book. Third World Wonder is a romantic fairy tale written for all teenagers and children.
It is the father of all fairytales, the greatest love story of the universe presenting to you the brand new teeny Romantic tale the story of true soul mates. This Romantic Love story Third world wonder is for best entertainment plus lesson of good morals for all the children.
Let me give you all a small reflection on my favorite scene from the novel.
Third world wonder Adventures of zaijoo it is the Romantic Fairytale unheard unseen and unknown something striking unusual or can be said a magical, miraculous incident happens in the story which is completely hidden and mysterious.
One important scene from the novel is the last scene and an essential scene of this Romantic fairy tale.
Where Endora the purplish mountainous fairy on magic -co striking fairyland chants the magical spell
For which I’m here
For which I surrender
: Cyclone

And a Thunder!

God has destined from above

It`s Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

As the magic is performed Princess Sanorita could see Zaijoo shouting out her name standing and crying beside amazing Niagara falls of New York city one more wonder of the world.
Sanoritaa i love you
The magical spell continues
Sanorita sacrifices her feathers and turns into a mortal the clock ticks and ticks and at the correct time there comes heavy rain thunder n lightening

Endora utters


for which I’m here
For which I surrender
Cyclone Lightning
And a thunder

God has destined from above
its third world wonder
Third world wonder

Third World Wonder!
Zaijoo has tears in his eyes he shouts out sanorita my sanorita I can’t live without you please come back I love you
Princess Sanorita comes down from the sky over to the Niagara falls on Zubi and lands on the land where Zaijoo is standing

She utters Zaijoo I love you too
Zaijoo feels it is his hallucination due to sorrow but as he turns he really could find Sanorita running towards him: Zaijoo i love you and just when Sanorita hugs Zaijoo the sky turns red pink green purple maroon-yellow
Zaijoo gets stunned but realizes that the princess of fairyland the fairy of colors and music the most charming n exquisitely beautiful fairy Sanorita is in his arms

: Zaijoo smiles n then they live happily ever after.
check out this famous bahubali trailor!


So these were my Personal views Bahubali 2 and also a little reflection on my Romantic fairytale Third world wonder adventures of zaijoo.










Online hyderabadi mushaira

Hey guys welcome to Online Hyderabadi Mushaira


Online hyderabadi mushaira

This section of my website is dedicated to amazing and wonderful books of my father.

Urdu Poet Mohammed Yousuf uddin.

Golden Treasure of Urdu Poetry launched by
Mohammed Yousufuddin- Yousuf

A local Hyderabadi Urdu poet from India.

Online hyderabadi mushaira

Mohammed Yousufuddin is a senior citizen of India and retired Supervisor from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.He belongs to the Hyderabadi royal family of Nawabs, his father was late jaagirdaar nawaab Mohammed Fariduddin.

Yousuf says his father died when he was just 4 years old since then he was an orphan and has completed his education with much difficulties, yousuf spent his childhood in poverty and has learned to stand for truth and fight against evil.

Online hyderabadi mushaira

Writing is one of his passions since when he was just a teenager.


He wrote 5 great Urdu poetry books.

1- Paikar-e-Kirdaar
2- Noor-e-Mujassim
4- Deewaan-e-Chashm-e-AAhoo
5- Pari-Paiker

He says with a jest that all his 5 books are available online and his poetic lines teach great lessons of life to mankind.

People who love to read Urdu poetry can purchase these books online and actually be able to read them at his website and it was his one of his goal to launch Online Hyderabadi Mushaira

Yousuf adds up to his conversation that he was always a heart follower since his childhood and he never followed strict rules and regulations and was intensely interested and indulged in music and ghazals.

Apart from writing one of his other time pass is singing ghazals of Ghulam Ali and Chandan Daas.
He affirms that he loves the voice quality of chandan daas, as there is much serenity in his ghazals.
Yousuf is simple, humble and down to earth and hates crime and all which is negative in this world, you can always find this trait in his poetry.

There is love, liveliness, youth, vitality, romance, passion and vigor found in his poetry.
He wrote on some serious subjects like politics and recent happenings of the world to give all mankind an advice of love and unity.

One of his famous poetic lines are
Purkaif Zindagi ko banaanaa kamaal hain
toofaan-e-ghhum ko dil mein chhupaana kamaal hain
Khud ke liyeh toh koi bhi kerta hain justajoo
auroun ki zindagi bhi banaana kamaal hain.

English translation of these lines are
Nowadays making a happy life is a wonder!
hiding cyclone of sorrows in the heart is a wonder!
everybody are selfish it is common to think of oneself
Making others life happy is a wonder!

Here you can order his books and read them and also watch some fantastic and awesome youtube videos of Hyderabadi Mushaira and Ghazals by my father.



If you want to read Md YousufuddinYousuf`s Urdu Poetry books.



Sample ghazal to read from Deewaan-e-Chashme-aahoo


Sample Ghazal of Khamarwash

If you are really interested to read this amazing Urdu poetry with English translation then order online now through PayPal.

To read Noor-e-Mujassim  Divine Naat-e-sheef.

Go to this link click here now. 

To read Pari paiker online go to this link click here  Both E-BOOKS are available with English translations.

Romantic fairytale Third world wonder

Romantic fairytale! Welcome to my Romantic Fairyland!

If you want to get into the romantic trance to forget all your sorrows then you are most welcome in my Mystical Fairyland!

Welcome here to experience Wonders and Miracles.

Yes, has been created with a noble intention of creating Wonders and Miracles and helping common Man solve their problems and make our lives more brighter and joyful.

One Solution to all Worry is Happiness and joy

that`s what intent passionately to create long life Happiness in your life.

Romantic fairytale

The power of Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder! Adventures of Zaijoo is the father of all fairy-tales. To read my Romantic love story and swoon into this fairy-land read my book.

Romantic fairytale

The power of True love and Romance!

Stay tuned for my Miraculous Romance book which would create true love and fresh blooming romance in your once lost boring Marriage

romantic fairytale

The power of Motherhood!

My Motherhood Miracle is one miraculous and wondrous book which could create wonder and miracle in your life and bloom your children with health wealth character and loads of smiles.

Third World Wonder

A Romantic fairytale got released and is in Online Market Right now.

31-year-old author Farah naaz is a divorcee who hails from Hyderabad India and has done her Masters from English and she is doing job as an auditor Executive, author further affirms with a charming smile that her romantic love story is Father of all Fairy-tales and another perfect  Disney movie material and she is sure it would hit the grounds.

Author was sipping coffee when we had an opportunity to ask some questions to her

What is this Fairy-tale all about?

This story is completely fictitious and imaginary. This is about a 19-year-old teenager who is multi talented, mind-blowing performer and good human being. It`s about his adventures of life.A VERY UNUSUAL INCIDENT HAPPEN WHICH CREATES GREAT SUSPENSE IN THE INITIAL STAGES OF THE STORY. There is emotion, suspense, drama, thrill, entertainment, Romance, love and a very beautiful fairy tale in the novel.  This book is a complete package of the lesson, fun and entertainment, and new love story of a true soul mate relationship.

What inspired you to write this book?

She hesitates a little bit and then regain confidence with pink blush on her cheeks

Some celebrity has inspired her to write this fairy-tale so passionately and she repeats and confirms she has written this book very passionately and it has taken her 7 long years to complete this romantic fairy-tale Third world wonder.

Can we know who is that celebrity which inspired such great reflections and dedication from her?

She replied it`s not to hide as it is common we all are fan of someone or the other

some are Shahrukh khan fan and some are Salman khan`s fan I was also a fan of someone and his name is Rajat tokas, you can currently watch him in the serial Chandra Nandini.

Commonly people write Biographies on Celebrities what made you write a fairy-tale?

Well i tried to contact the celebrity so much, but he showed no interest in my project

as i was left with information which was so little there was no choice but to divert my mind in some heavenly paradise like fairy-land.


How the idea of writing clicked your mind?

Well, i have got that passion for writing since my childhood days and I just love to pen down whatever inspires me or makes me feel wonderful.

So are you planning to write more books in future?

Yes, of course, i have already written other E-BOOKS like Third world wonder ll, Enchanting wife, and Motherhood Miracle which you can read on my website apart from writing I am also interested and love to cook, sing and paint.

What Hopes you have with your Novel Third world wonder?

Well, i have high hope I wish that one day my Romantic fairytale be made into a Hollywood Disney movie and entertain children teenagers and people of all age group as it would purely be a family movie.

Well, the writer seems very positive and optimistic and someone who has learned many lessons from her life she has high hope for the success of her book let`s see how it will do in the Market.





Romantic-Fairy-tale: A reflection on the book Third World Wonder!

Good Tidings!

  A Romantic Fairytale: A Reflection on Novel Third World Wonder Adventures of Zaijoo.

This is to give you all a short synopsis about the book. Third World Wonder is a romantic fairy tale written for all teenagers and children.
It is the father of all fairytales, the greatest love story of the universe presenting to you the brand new teeny Romantic fairytale the story of true soul mates. This Romantic Love story Third world wonder is for best entertainment plus lesson of good morals for all the children.
Let`s give you all a small reflection on climax scene from the novel.
Third world wonder Adventures of zaijoo it is the RomaFairytale-tale unheard unseen and unknown something striking unusual or can be said a magical, miraculous incident happens in the story which is completely hidden and mysterious.
One important scene from the novel is the last scene and an essential scene of this Romantic fairy tale.
Where Endora the purplish mountainous fairy on magi -co striking fairyland chants the magical spell
For which I’m here
For which I surrender
: Cyclone

And a Thunder!

God has destined from above

It`s Third World Wonder!

Third World Wonder!

Third World Woner!

As the magic is performed Princess Sanorita could see Zaijoo shouting out her name standing and crying beside amazing Niagara falls of New York city one more wonder of the world.
SanorItaa i love you
The magical spell continues
Sanorita sacrifices her feathers and turns into a mortal the clock ticks and ticks and at the correct time there comes heavy rain thunder n lightening

Endora utters


for which I’m here
For which I surrender
Cyclone Lightning
And a thunder

God has destined from above
its third world wonder
Third world wonder

Third World Wonder!
Zaijoo has tears in his eyes he shouts out sanorita my sanorita I can’t live without you please come back i love you

Princess Sanorita comes down from the sky over to the Niagara falls on Zubi ( the large magical bird who has gems on her feathers)They land down where Zaijoo is standing

She utters Zaijoo I love you too
Zaijoo feels it is his hallucination due to sorrow but as he turns he really could find Sanorita running towards him: Zaijoo I love you and just when Sanorita hugs Zaijoo the sky turns red pink green purple maroon-yellow
Zaijoo gets stunned but realizes that the princess of fairyland the fairy of colors and music the most charming n exquisitely beautiful fairy Sanorita is in his arms

: Zaijoo smiles n then they live happily ever after.

And as both the soul-mates unites this Romantic fairytale ends with a Romantic quote

I love you too!

And they live happily ever after.